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Does the thought of sitting in a dental chair make you squirm with fear? Would you rather suffer the pain than step foot in a dentist's office? If you nodded yes, then you are certainly not alone. Dental anxiety can be the result of numerous factors. Regardless of the reason, sedation dentistry may help take away some of your stress and anxiety.

What is Sedation Dentistry

Also referred to as sleep dentistry, sedation dentistry makes use of medication to assist patients in relaxing during dental procedures. Patients are generally awake, except those who are under general anesthesia.

Oral sedation dentistry is now one of the most popular techniques used to eradicate patients' fears. The technique is simple and doesn't involve any needles. Though some forms of sedation (like nitrous oxide gas/laughing gas) might increase your threshold for pain, the majority of dental treatments still call for a local anesthetic injected orally, even when sedation dentistry methods are performed. Local anesthetics block pain impulses temporarily from the affected gum tissue and teeth.

Best Candidates for Sleep Dentistry

  • People with a low pain threshold
  • Those who cannot sit still in a dental chair
  • Someone who requires a great deal of dental work
  • People who have a bad gag reflex
  • Those suffering from dental anxiety

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If you are one of the 40 million Americans who avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear, our sedation dentistry services can help you get the oral care you need without feelings of terror and panic. Our dentists are committed to creating a serene, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere supported by a range of sleep dentistry options.

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