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Vacaville Dental Implant Recovery Process

Are you considering dental implants? You’re probably curious about what the process is like – especially the recovery and if there’s any downtime involved. Our Vacaville implant dentist can put your mind at ease! Today’s dental implants can be a straightforward, predictable process that’s easier than you ever expected.

How Long is a Dental Implant Recovery?

There’s practically no recovery time after getting dental implants installed. Although your implant will require a few months to fully integrate with the bone around it, there’s really not a “recovery” period per se after your appointment. Since the bone that your implant is set into doesn’t have prevalent nerve endings or pain receptors, they won’t be sore after the procedure.

Will I Be Sore After Dental Implant Placement?

Typically, the only type of post-surgical soreness that most people feel is in one of two places. The first is the site where the local anesthetic was injected. Just like getting any type of injection, the tissues can be a little tender for a day or two. The other is where a small incision was made in your gum tissues to access the bone underneath. Fortunately, gums heal quite quickly since they’re highly vascular.

Most people say that getting dental implants placed is easier than having a tooth pulled!

Pain Relief After Implant Placement

The biggest source of discomfort after a dental procedure is inflammation. As long as you keep swelling to a minimum, you’re less likely to experience any major post-operative discomfort.

Whether you’re getting a dental implant, having a tooth extracted, or are undergoing periodontal therapy, here are some simple tips to minimize soreness:

  • Take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory as directed. Motrin or ibuprofen work best.
  • Rinse with warm saltwater every few hours.
  • Alternate a cool and warm compress every 20 minutes on the side of your face.
  • Keep your head elevated.

Additionally, it’s best to stay hydrated and avoid any rigorous exercise for the several days following implant placement or any other type of oral surgery.

What is the Overall Healing Timeline Like?

Placing dental implants should never be rushed. Each one needs to be precisely placed so that it can integrate with your supporting bone. From the placement of your implant to the final installation of the fixed crown, bridge, or denture, it’s common to spread visits out over the course of 3-6 months. However, our dentist will work with you to ensure you never have to go about with missing teeth during this waiting period.

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